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Posted by Nancy Cooper on Aug 12, 2019 4:53:45 PM

Curiosity seems to be an inherent part of human nature. For millennia, humans have sought to answer questions of the unknown: What is this? Where are we? Who are we? Through history, scientists have been the intrepid voyagers that quest to find answers to these questions. However, the quest for knowledge is only half the battle. What good are the spoils of discovery, if they’re not shared?

Education is the dissemination of the treasures that scientists discover; it is the engine that drives humanity into the future. If not for education, how could we possibly hope to build upon what humanity has already learned?


When you think education, childhood schooling may come to mind. While this is a critical component to your education, the big picture of lifelong learning is derived from multiple sources; family, media, visits to national treasures such as a state park, or an impactful trip to a zoo or aquarium. Learning and education is innovative and allows for creative experiential learning opportunities, going beyond absorbing words from a textbook.

Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder (DPMMR) has an extensive education program designed to promote a greater understanding of marine science, marine mammal and ecosystem conservation, and environmental stewardship. To fulfill this mission, education is an integral part of DPMMR and we are designed to broaden guests’ understanding of the wonders of the marine environment. We strive to be the educational experience that captivates curiosity, endures a lifetime, and inspires the masses to keep seeking and spreading knowledge.

DPMMR offers a broad range of classes, including activities and lesson plans designed for children, families, continuing education programs, career guidance workshops, and university level (undergraduate and graduate) coursework and instruction. Course content is updated and revised annually to incorporate new scientific literature and discoveries and topics such as “Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release of Wild Marine Mammals”, “Coral Reef Ecology”, “Research Techniques and Field Sampling Methodology”, Conservation and Management of Marine Mammals”, “Marine Mammal Anatomy and Physiology”, and “Conservation and Policy”. Our courses provide patrons with up-to-date information they can utilize to improve their role in ocean conservation and stewardship.

DPMMR caters to thousands of students each year through field trips, camps, continuing education efforts, pro bono and outreach activities, as well as school programs. We are a multi-disciplinary facility that encompasses the academic fields of marine science, veterinary medicine, biology, behavior, psychology, ecology, management and communications. The organization combines efforts with first class veterinarians, experienced researchers, and senior educators with the primary goal of career development and preparing individuals to make productive contributions in the marine mammal field. With the current shift in society, institutions are expected to elevate students to discipline specific proficiency. Through strategic academic planning, fostering the idea that experiential schooling can serve as a life-changing milestone, a multidisciplinary approach (e.g., lectures, group discussions, investigations), and qualified personnel, Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder will actively engage students, guests and professionals, all while promoting critical thinking and discussions.

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