3 More Reasons to Love Our Awesome Key Largo Dolphins

Posted by Nancy Cooper on Jul 18, 2019 2:16:01 PM

If you’ve been to DPMMR, you know that our Key Largo dolphins are the driving force behind our research and support for marine life and conservation.

Being able to interact with these amazing marine mammals grows our love for them and respect for our environment. As one visitor said, “I would recommend if you have any opportunity, this is the place to go and I hope that everyone can interact with these incredible creatures.” But what makes these creatures so incredible? Read more to find out! Below, you can learn more about three of our dolphins and see just what endears them to us and everyone else who gets to interact with them.



Bob, named after Bob Marley, is our 25-year old male dolphin. Although his size may suggest otherwise, he is gentle and easy-going, just like his namesake. When asked to describe Bob, some of the comments the trainers had were, “easy-going,” “he’s got a sense of humor,” and even, “he is perfect in every single way!” Playful Bob has been said to pick up on energies and personalities very quickly, so if you click with him, you’re sure to know nearly immediately! He likes to cuddle and give kisses and has even been described as being “just like a little puppy!” A more excitable and high energy yet affectionate dolphin, Bob is motivated by his relationships with people - his favorite reinforcers are seeing his trainers. Come see for yourself what we love about Bob!



At 8-years old, Isaac is one of our subadult male dolphins. He was such a fast learner in his early years that the trainers named him after Isaac Newton! According to trainers at DPMMR, Isaac is, “cute,” “goofy,” “funny,” and “one of our most vocal dolphins.” Like many of us, he likes to get the right answer, regardless of the prompt, and it’s interesting to hear his vocalizations when he does something right. As a very outgoing dolphin, he reacts well to new people and other dolphins, and loves to learn new things! His favorite reinforcers are cheering and clapping, as well as learning new things. Visit DPMMR and experience Isaac!



A 42-year old female dolphin at DPMMR, Dinghy “runs everything around here!” Our resident matriarch dolphin and teacher, Dinghy even manages to teach the trainers something new each time they work with her - not just about dolphins and working with them, but also about the trainers themselves. This dolphin is one whose trust and respect must be earned, which is another aspect of her personality that serves to mentor trainers, especially new ones. However, when Dinghy becomes familiar with a person, the bond becomes visibly strong, and she is very affectionate. Overall, Dinghy is an amazing mother and strong teacher - you can learn many life lessons from this majestic marine mammal!

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